Cory Powers

As the Project Manager of operations in South Florida,  Cory Powers  is responsible for developing operational strategies and overseeing daily business activities such as personnel management, scheduling, and customer relations. He also ensures compliance with relevant laws and regulations. He utilizes his years of sales experience to train and coach sales representatives to meet the company's sales targets and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. Before attending Ferris State University in Michigan, powers attended his local high school in Marietta, Georgia. The university opened its doors in 1884 as the Big Rapids Industrial School, founded by Helen and Woodbridge Ferris. It became a state institution in 1950, and in 1987 it achieved state university status. Ferris University currently focuses on providing varied educational opportunities to ensure exceptional futures for its students.m Cory's diverse experiences in the academic, professional, and sporting spheres have helped him become a well-rounded and capable Project Manager, bringing new ideas and fresh perspectives to his work and making a positive impact in the world.