About Me

Cory Powers now resides in Sarasota on the Gulf Coast of the Sunshine State after being born and raised in Cobb County, Georgia. To be nearer family, Powers, his wife, and their five kids relocated to the city.

The talented athlete, football aficionado, and Georgia Bulldogs fan enjoys playing and watching sports when he isn't working. Along with exercising, fixing furniture, having fun with his family, and being outside, he also loves to do these things.

The Project Manager of operations for South Florida at Jackson and Associates is in charge of a variety of tasks. These responsibilities include planning and carrying out operational plans as well as managing regular corporate operations. This includes handling scheduling, managing the workforce, and maintaining good customer relations.

Cory S Powers oversees compliance with relevant laws and regulations elsewhere. The Georgia native, who excels at selling, frequently shares his knowledge with the sales team for Jackson and Associates's South Florida region. He makes use of his knowledge to make sure that his team achieves its sales goals and maintains or increases client satisfaction levels.

Before leaving the Atlanta metropolitan area for college, Powers attended his local high school in Marietta, Georgia, where he was raised. He then pursued his education at Ferris State University. The main Ferris State campus is located in Big Rapids, Michigan.

Helen and Woodbridge Ferris created the Big Rapids Industrial School, which became Ferris State University, in 1884. It was recognized as a state university in 1987 after becoming a public institution in 1950. Today, Ferris offers a variety of educational programs aimed at providing its students with great futures.

Peach State native Powers continued to develop his talents after graduating from Ferris by studying a variety of subjects and registering for useful educational courses in his spare time. Additionally, he is a self-taught craftsman who loves to create things, fix them, and teach others how to do the same.

Cory Powers excels as a manager, salesperson, and operations expert. He gets honored at Jackson and Associates for his ongoing dedication and support of the organization's strong family values. Through a shared passion of athletics, he and his team are committed to enhancing the lives of others.

He is also adept at offering clients of all types complete solutions. Utilizing a keen eye for design and a solid understanding of manufacturing, including specifications, ideas, and production issues, is part of this.

Cory is actively involved with a number of important charities, nonprofits, and other worthwhile causes. This covers campaigns nationwide in Georgia, Florida, and other states. These worthwhile organizations include the Epilepsy Foundation of America, Easterseals Community and Disability Services, Heifer International, and the Folds of Honor Foundation.

Powers recently got engaged with the Folds of Honor Foundation, which offers financial aid to families of service members and first responders. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization called Folds of Honor was founded in 2007 to assist in providing critical educational scholarships to the families of disabled and deceased service members as well as first responders.

Cory S Powers is happy to donate his time to Easterseals Community and Disability Services, another 501(c)(3) nonprofit. He frequently gives his time to the group's Parent's Night Out Respite Program. Easterseals is an advocate for outreach programs and education that support independent living, learning, and enjoyment for people with disabilities.

Powers Heifer International frequently gives to Heifer International. A worldwide nonprofit development organization called Heifer International fights to end hunger and poverty. It accomplishes this through global, holistic, and sustainable community development. In addition, disadvantaged communities receive training and livestock.

Powers, based in Florida, also gives frequently to the Epilepsy Foundation of America. The Epilepsy Foundation of America is committed to taking the lead in the effort to address the difficulties of having epilepsy. With the ultimate objective of curing the disorder, it is also committed to advancing medicines and other treatments meant to halt seizures and save lives.

18 years of blissful marriage for Powers. Between the ages of six and sixteen, he and his wife had four daughters and one son. In order to be nearer to family, the family relocated to Sarasota, Florida, in June 2022. This includes Powers' two brothers and his in-laws, who are contented inhabitants of the city, which is situated on Florida's Gulf Coast just south of Tampa.

Cory Powers has a variety of interests and pastimes outside of his professional career and relentless philanthropic activities. Sports, travel, and exercise are a few of these passions. He is an accomplished athlete who actively participates in a variety of sports with his family. Basketball, football, club volleyball, and soccer are some of these sports.

Powers has been a lifelong fan of the Georgia football team. He frequently follows his team's competition in the Southeastern Conference's Eastern Division and the Football Bowl Subdivision of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. He enjoys building and fixing many things, including furniture and other goods.

Powers likes to go for walks and spend time outside, especially on the broad stretches of fine sand beaches in Sarasota. The city's beaches, like Lido Beach and Siesta Key Beach, are renowned for their clean, shallow seas in addition to their delicate, white sand.